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Waterpump Services has been operational all over South Africa as well as across the African continent for the last 40 years, since 1980, Uncle Bob (Robert Farrell) started this business from his home garage and is now turned WPS cc into the market leader when doing custom installations, borehole installations and drilling, custom booster sets and has an unrivalled dedicated staff that understands that having water is a necessity and not a luxury. Over the years we have successfully contracted to public works department, department of correctional services, department of water affairs, department of defence, department of tourism and parks board, department of Environment & Tourism, Magalies Water Department and property development, mining and construction industries Furthermore Waterpump services cc, does all installations custom or standard. Across all fields and for all water pumps and electric motors. And borehole drilling, testing and installation are done by the experts in the game Waterpump Services cc. Any custom builds needed, solar pumps and water pumps of all ranges and across all industries – Mining and Commercial Construction included- are what we do. Our new fittings valves, piping warehouse and upgraded workshop make your experience with WPScc a pleasant and satisfying one.  








What We Specialize In:


Private borehole customers, Maintenance and Repairs, Servicing pool pumps, and New custom installations.


Borehole customers, Maintenance and Repairs, Servicing pool pumps, and New custom installations.


Maintenance and repairs, Servicing pumps, New custom installations, Fire Proofing


Borehole drilling, yield tests, water quality tests and complete installations.


We build custom splash pads for shopping centres, waterparks and resorts etc.

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