Borehole Drilling

The process consisted of drilling a well. 
Below is the process of drilling a well and what to expect from cc Water Pump Services. We've prepared something below that we hope will help you better understand what it takes to drill a well and provide drinking water. Potable water (or potable water) is water that is safe enough for human consumption or use with little risk of immediate or long-term harm. It is important to understand the sequence of events and possible consequences before drilling and also what happens during the drilling process. 
Well Location 
The first decision after you decide to drill a well is: Where are you going to drill it? The drill site must be selected and physically marked on the ground. This is usually done by a professional such as a hydrogeologist or alternatively a water surveyor. The hydrogeologist examines the geology of the subsoil using various geophysical methods. Under ideal conditions, a hydrogeologist's success rate ranges from 60% to 85%. One of the problems with using a hydrogeologist in an urban setting with their geophysical equipment and methods to probe below the surface is that they usually work with limited space (not on a farm or plot) and the other problem is all the pipes and electrical cords, telephone cords, and structures that interfere with an accurate 
result of the equipment used. 
Divination / Dowsing is an ancient "art" and has been practised throughout history. There are a variety of methods that are used, such as forked sticks, copper wires and many other methods. There is no scientific explanation for the water shuttle. 
To sum up a well site, it is up to the customer to decide which method to use. We are here to advise and guide the customer, but it is the customer's choice of which path to take. 

Drilling and Well Drilling 
Once the client has decided which method to use for site determination and the drilling target has been determined, the next task is to drill the well. The customer must obtain bids from multiple drilling contractors and appoint one to perform the work. Note that the client hires the driller to drill the well to the required depth to avoid hitting water. The driller is not responsible for the success of the drilling, the client pays for the drilled depth  
at  the agreed rate 
regardless of the amount of water or its lack. 
There is the perception that you are drilling and suddenly there is water and that it is only the depth that matters. That's not the case. There is a percentage of wells drilled that are "dry". The driller is paid for the depth of the hole and not for a successful "wet" hole. 
Drilling Method 
The drilling method used is known as the "DTH" air-swept rotary hammer. A jackhammer and drill bits operated at the end of the drill string, strike rock rapidly as the drill string rotates slowly.

Well Construction 
The average overburden height and hence required casing in the Gauteng area vary from 8m to 40m.The insufficient casing can cause the well to collapse with serious financial consequences for the 
customer (loss of pump, hoses and entire well). 
Intubation is usually only required in the case of unstable overload; however, prolific fracture zones (usually associated with deeply weathered and decomposed rock) may require complete casing of the well (top to bottom). In this case, a perforated casing (casing slotted to allow water in but keep rocks out) would be installed ahead of the water-bearing fractures. The amount of casing required is unique to each well and can only be derived from the drill results. Drilling is a "dirty job". Unfortunately, we make a mess. To avoid clutter, we place plastic and shade cloths to protect plants whenever possible. 
 The price may increase or decrease depending on: 
 1. Drilling depth.
2. Surrounding Rock Type: The harder the rock, the more difficult the 
 good drilling process is. 
 3. The type of sand in the area - the number of covers used depends on this aspect. 
 4. The length of the electrical cable used to carry power to the pump. 
 5. The distance and type of topography (terrain) the drill rig must travel  
 to reach the drilling area. 
 6. The time it takes to complete the well.

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