How to Increase Water Pressure in Your House
Tried everything?

Learn how to increase water pressure with a water pressure booster pump.

Usually, poor water pressure is caused by clogged pipes or too much use in a municipal area. But if you've already replaced them or have a newer house with new pipes, try the obvious first. Make sure the shutoff valves near the water meter are fully open. Sounds basic, but plumbers still have to charge for a service call to simply turn a valve handle! Then check the water pressure. If your house is on city water, ask your local water department for a pressure reading. A reading of 45 to 55 psi is ideal.

If your pressure from the municipality is too low, you can request an increase in pressure. If the city isn't likely to boost the pressure, consider installing a water pressure booster system, our range ensure that you have the right pressure all the time and is ideal for farms and shopping malls as well. Any setting over 80 psi will wear out the washers on your plumbing fixtures. Some municipalities require a reduced pressure and backflow preventer to be installed when a water pressure booster is hooked up.

If the pressure reading is adequate, you may have obstructions or some pipes that are too small. Call in a licensed plumber to evaluate your system to see how to increase water pressure.

Too MUCH water pressure?

When it comes to water pressure, you actually can have too much of a good thing. Pressure over 80 psi can cause you to waste water and the energy required to heat it. It can also damage water softeners, water heaters, faucets, appliances and seals. If your pressure test shows more than 80 psi, make sure you have a working pressure-reducing valve and keep it set between 50 and 60 psi.

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